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This app provides an interactive calendar that manages events (including recurring events) a la Google Calendar. I started off by contributing some fixes and some new convenience functions. More recently I added a bunch of beautified and inter-linked calendar views and associated templatetags, templates and CSS. I also added in the optional use of the ui-datepicker from jquery to improve event editing.

Based on my results I have been added as a committer to this project. My changes have been integrated into django-schedule and should be fully reflected in the forthcoming Pinax 0.7 release.


Kevin Fricovsky created the initial version of this app. I recently upgraded it by including grouping, a user submission capability and some other useful capabilities. My improvements were recently added to this project and this app is now slated to be included in the Pinax 0.7 release.


I put together this simple reusable social bulletin board app on a Saturday and dressed it up a bit more and posted it the next day. Reaction from the Django community has been positive thus far. I think I really nailed this one in terms of making a Django app extensible and customizable. I expect this app to be added to Pinax shortly.

Pinax aka django-hotclub

Pinax is a django-based framework that delivers a customizable social web site. While Pinax is still in the "wet paint" phase, it shows great potential. I am actively using it to deliver social web capabilities for current clients.

I have started making small fixes directly to Pinax starting with patches for Issue 111 which add logout redirection support. I am also involved with the effort to add generalized groups to Pinax and have created my own experimental implementation. I also am interested in improving the mechanisms for integrating templates and media from external apps.

My BlueprintCSS Template Generator

I have created a template generator for Django templates that dovetails with the BlueprintCSS framework. I used that generator to create this webpage as well as a page for a commercial client:

My current focus is to hook this generator up with a Django "paglet" model in order to make it easy to deliver django based dynamic "cockpits" that can optionally support selectable layouts to site visitors.

Entrepreneurial Projects

My Super Secret Social Bookmarking App

I have designed and mostly implemented a social bookmarking app that is geared towards facilitating knowledge transfer on a subject by subject basis. It is designed to facilitate my own learning process. At this point I don't have a good sense for the general applicability of this tool, but I have some hope that it might find some use especially for virtual classrooms.

I acquired a serviceable domain name and plan to launch this project into the wild in the near future.

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Last updated on May 11, 2009.